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Fabri Fibra - Tranne Te

Hiya! *waggles fingers* You all know how much I love Fabri, so here is another song by him…while I work on updating my lists and finding new stuff to post!

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Laura Pausini - Primavera in anticipo (Feat. James Blunt)

This is one of my favorite songs by her. They used it in a spanish soap opera that I watch, and I fell in love with it (Obviously they used the spanish version, you can find it online under the name “Primavera anticipado” I love Laura so much, especially because she seems like best friends with Tiziano. Plus she’s a Milanista, and I’m a devout Milanista. So not only is she was kick-ass singer she also supports the same team as I do…does this women have flaws? Me thinks not…:P


Laura Pausini is a five-time Grammy-winning Italian artist, songwriter and producer. She is the most famous and successful italian artist worldwide. She is famed for her soulful voice, her romantic ballads and love songs, though she has also dealt with other subjects such as poverty, war, and racism, among other social issues. She is fluent in several languages and has recorded in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, English, and French. She has sold around 40 millions of copies around the world and has over 200 Platinum Albums and one Diamond Album.

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Cesare Cremonini - Padre Madre

I loved Lúnapop and was so sad to see it disbanded. However, last year he had a really successful song called Mondo (which I will post shortly). This was a submission by Naturamorta. (Thank you for your submission)

Cesare Cremonini (born on March 27, 1980 in Bologna, Italy) is an Italian singer-songwriter.

Cremonini was the leader of Lùnapop, a successful and popular Italian pop band between 1999 and 2002. In 2002 Lùnapop was disbanded. He has since pursued a successful solo career. His Lùnapop bandmate, Nicola ‘Ballo’ Balestri, has joined him in his new band, along with other musicians.

Fabri Fibra — In Italia feat. Gianna Nannini

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This is my jam! :P Last year when I was in Italy I played it over and over again. I love this man more than life. His songs (every single one) is amazing. He doesn’t hold anything back, and definitely lets you know how he feels about what he likes and doesn’t. (I wish I could be like that). He’s also very private about his life. He’s not like most rappers here in the states. He can actually be a role model to someone. This was a submission (however I was going to be posting him very soon) by oh-you-beauty

Fabri Fibra (born Fabrizio Tarducci on October 17, 1976) is an italian rapper. He is Nesly Rice’s brother.

He recorded his first demotape when he was 17, in 1995. In 1996 records [album]Dei Di Mare Quest’el Gruv[/album] together with the DJ and beatmaker Lato, followed by [album]Rapimento Del Vulpla[/album] (1997).

In 1999 Fabri Fibra and Lato recorded [album]Sindrome Di Fine Millennio[/album], using the pseudonym of Uomini Di Mare, featuring El Presidente (also known as Esa), Inoki, Joe Cassano and his brother Nesly Rice. This album was relatively successfull on the italian scene.